Foothills Contracting Inc

Webster, SD

About Foothills Contracting Inc

Walter Knight began Knight Construction back in 1925. It was a small company doing gravel work on county and state roads. The company ceased operations in 1929 when the banks closed, taking all available funds and shutting off credit. 

The company was dormant in the 1930s during the Depression and drought. In 1943 Walter formed a gravel company with Charlie Hyde and called it Knight and Hyde Construction. In 1946 Walter's son Floyd, bought out Charlie Hyde. In 1950 Floyd started Knight Construction Company and began grading highways for the state. The company grew rapidly and by 1960 it had grown into one of the larger grading contractors in the state. In 1964 Robert Knight, Floyd's son, started working full-time in the company. The company continued to prosper in the 60s and 70s. 

In 1977, Floyd's second son, Mark, Joined the firm. In 1979, Mark left the company to pursue a small township gravel operation in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Floyd suddenly passed away in the fall of 1980. After the death of Floyd, Robert took over the company and acted as its' President. In 1982, Mark returned to the company to act as the Vice President.

The company's growing pains kicked in during the 1980s. In an effort to create work opportunities and growth, the company branched out to projects in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota. In 1989, Foothills Contracting, Inc., a Wyoming Corporation, was formed. After a roller coaster of growth in the 80s and 90s, the company has found its' solid foundation in the new century.
Robert’s son Rob R. Knight, after working for the company in the summer times since 1983, joined the company full time after graduating from college in 1994.  In April of 2016 Robert bought out his brother Mark to become the CEO and sole Owner of Foothills Contracting, Inc. and currently Robert’s son Rob acts as the company’s President.

Today the company is rich with construction history, solid with great leadership and employees, and looks at a full and bright future.