Midstates Group

Aberdeen, SD

About Midstates Group

At Midstates Group we are a family-owned communications company that stands ready to meet all of your printing needs. Our job is to learn about your business and help you reach customers who will buy your products or services. Along with our excellent print services, we would like to offer an additional service that would add a new dimension to your campaigns. To complement any catalogs that are mailed, we recommend preceding or following up a catalog campaign with a PURL (personalized URL webpage), a personalized printed postcard (wishing a happy birthday, etc.) and offering 10% off, or an e-mail or SMS text message with popular items based on captured buying habits. An extremely valuable aspect of this service is that all communications will be tracked so you will know who's buying and what offers are working best. We can adjust timing, verbiage, graphic design, offer, personality profile, and so on until we have the perfect balance with the best return on investment. Midstates Printing, Inc., is dedicated to our clients, employees, and the environment. We position ourselves as a leader in custom print, marketing, e-publishing and postal processes. We have experts in all facets of communication, whether it's print, e-catalogs on the web, postal optimization, or market analysis and reporting.